Kali Puja Honoring the GoddessE

Your blueprint is bliss, your essence is divine. Affirm your true self through devotional practice by connecting to your higher self and the essence of the Divine.

This is a partner puja in which the men honor the women as goddesses, the divine feminine essence, while recognizing their own divine nature. Our tradition is a Shakta tradition, where women are recognized and honored as goddesses.

Through the repeated affirmation of your true nature, much like doing modern day affirmations which originate from these ancient practices, you will drop stress, old fears and habits and live the joyful life that reflects your true self.

Tantra offers freedom through recognition of your true nature and by affirming this nature through a system of practices, a core practice being this puja. As stated above, this will allow your fears and limiting beliefs drop away and what remains is your essence. In fact, the word Tantra in Sanskrit means the essence of the essence. This puja, the Daksinishwari Kali Puja is considered the main puja of the Kaula Tantra Yoga Tradition.

In the twice monthly puja on Friday evenings, we will go into detail about the specific meaning and purpose of offerings, mantras, mudras, and yantras.

There will be no nudity or sexuality. However, this is the initial aspect of a puja that has a sexual component to it. If interested, experienced practitioners can be introduced to the sexual aspects of this puja to be done at home upon request.