Have the experience:

Look around yourself. What in your vicinity do you notice that you find beautiful? It could be as simple as the sun hitting a leaf on a tree in a certain way.

Or, think of a positive experience you had with another person or by yourself. Maybe you sat around a fire with a group of friends, or you took a walk through a forest, feeling the beauty and calm of nature. Maybe you sat in traffic and played your favorite song, feeling joyous in the middle of an otherwise unpleasant situation.

When you have something, move on to the next step:

Enhance it:

Open yourself up to the experience, really take it in. Involve all your senses. Maybe you notice some details you didn't notice before, you can see the colors more vibrantly, maybe there's a particular scent. Don't strain, just let the experience come to you more intensely.

Absorb it:

Where in your body do you feel the experience? Does it maybe have a color? Let the experience and/or the color spread throughout your body. Maybe even add an inner smile to it and let this smile spread throughout your body.

Get in touch with a sense of gratitude arising in yourself and let it soak in.

Link it to negative experiences:

Once you’ve become established in the first three steps and have the experience of being filled by the positive experience consistently, move on to this step:

Think of a negative experience. Maybe somebody cut you off in traffic or somebody at work was inconsiderate. Start with minor things, don't start with anything significant or traumatic right off the bat as it will likely backfire (I will write a post on how to heal trauma through the work of world renowned trauma experts such as Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. David Berceli within the next month).

Keep both the positive and the negative experience in your mind for about 10 to 30 seconds. Allow the negative to slip away and fill yourself again with the positive for another 10 to 30 seconds, or longer if you like.

Could it be that simple?

Essentially yes, but Dr Hansen cautions that for some people, depending on where they are at, this could be like filling a bucket one drop at a time.

In any case, do the HEAL practice often enough and you will change your negativity bias, viewing your life from a perspective of half empty to half full, filling your glass (or bucket) more and more, becoming happier and happier.

Dr Hansen recommends to do the HEAL exercise for about 5 minutes a day, divided up into several sessions throughout the day. With practice, you can do one HEAL exercise in about one minute. Of course, you can do this more often as well. I would caution to start slow as to not overcommit yourself. This is best done as something you like to do, rather than another chore in an already busy day. My personal experience is that the more often I did it, the more natural it felt and the more results I started getting.

As you become happier, you become more relaxed and your body’s natural healing mechanism is activated. You become healthier and stronger and start seeing opportunities where you only saw threats and dangers prior. You act more boldly, and start living a life in alignment with your true nature, which is abundance, bliss and courage. The ABC of a full life.

My wish for you is that this post has inspired you to try out this practice for yourself and that you have success with it.

If you're interested and live in the vicinity, you can also do this practice in a led group setting here at Svatantrya in my weekly Freedom through Self Knowledge class.

In my next post I will focus on making the HEAL practice even more effective by “taking in the good” and practice gratitude in three distinct areas of your life to address the three different aspects of your brain.

I would be interested in learning if you found this post helpful and/or what your results were if you decided to give this practice a shot. Please comment below.
In gratitude,

P.S. If you'd like, I have a few spots available to work with you privately either in person or on skype. You can reach me at 424.581.7419 or skype: JulianvonLoesch.