Calibrate your Inner Compass

Your blueprint as a human being is bliss. ​

It is your true nature, it is who you are. 

How to actualize this innate potential?

By following your inner compass. 

Some people would call it your intuition, divine guidance, daimon, inner North Star, etc. 

The essential practice to help you get in touch with your inner compass is a 25 minute  ritual. 

However, in order to establish a true relationship with your inner guidance, you'd do the same as you would with a friend. Keep your commitments, or, as we call it, your devotion to your truth by following through.

In short, find out what's most important to you through the ritual, establish what actions to take, and follow through. 

However, rather than making something akin to a New Year's resolution that only very few people ever keep, we work in increments of one week. If you choose to, you can have a partner to help you be accountable.

Over time, you'll notice how your relationship to your intuition/inner truth will get stronger and stronger and how you'll be more and more inner directed and less and less distracted and thrown around by the influences around you (media, people's opinions, society in general, etc). 

In addition, you'll create your own personal mission statement to live your life from your values, and you'll be introduced to a model of happiness that includes the most important areas of your life, such as relationships, job, environment, physical health, etc. 

Last but not least, we'll address what neuro-psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson calls the human "negativity bias", our inherent tendency to place more emphasis on negative rather than positive experiences, which has us overestimate threats and underestimate opportunities.

Between these 4 topics  

a) inner compass
b) mission statement
c) 10 areas of life

d) revision of "negativity bias"

 you will have powerful tools to  fulfill your innate potential as a human being.

$10 a class or included in monthly temple membership

​For those who'd like to go deeper into calibrating their inner compass, we have the practice of traditional tantra. Here you explore deeper aspects of your true nature according to tantric scripture through satsang, Sanskrit, chanting, and puja
About the facilitator:

Julian von Loesch, Ph.D. E-RYT 500, has led hundreds of students through self-inquiry classes at the ashram where he lived and taught in South India for over 4 years. He now lives and teaches at Svatantrya Temple in Denton, part of the group that is supporting the temple community.
It is his compassionate and skilled style of teaching that supports students to quickly get to core issues and let go of long held patterns that no longer serve them to enter into the joyful and happy life that reflects their true natures.