The Temple of Freedom

Denton's first Tantric Community

Tantra is a philosophy of a blissful reality which allows us to live a happy, meaningful and free life. In order to achieve this, we let go of all dogmatic, sociological ‘crap’ that was gathered throughout our life. And don’t we adore and envy those “[…] crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently”? Yet it is just this sense of freedom, that sets them apart from everyone else. Once we start to embody this freedom on all levels, everything becomes possible. Tantrics are the pirates of everyday life. Succes in life is personal freedom. This is the mission of Denton’s first Tantric Community.

The word Svatantrya is the Sanskrit word for this personal or highest freedom and helps. It describes the expression of pure love towards yourself, to allow, to express and to live life creatively.

The temple offers a meditative practice of Yoga , known as the Kaula tradition, a variety of events and workshops on tantric topics (see schedule ), organic & vegan meals as well as ancient spiritual teachings to becoming a free and blissful human being. Every class or meal comes at a 10$ contribution, monthly discounts available

Embark with us for an exploration of an amazingly empowered you!