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Authentic Yoga • Traditional Tantra • Core Shamanism • Neuro-Psychology 

                                                                               Vegan Food

We offer an integrated system, combining ancient wisdom (yoga, tantra, shamanism) with
the latest insights (neuro-psychology) and vegan food for a happy, healthy and free life.

Svatantrya is a nurturing space for a family of fun, quirky and caring individuals, supported by highly qualified and experienced teachers.​​
​​​​Our vision: 
AHAM.  All Happiness for All Mankind.  
Aham is also the Sanskrit word for “I”.

Svatantrya is the Sanskrit word for the highest freedom.
The r(evolution) has happened. Love yourself.  Share the love. 
Join the celebration!​​

Some of our offerings:

Neuro-Psychology based Self-Discovery

Kaula Yoga

Ayurvedic Partner Bodywork

We are a Registered Yoga School.

 Accredited by Yoga Alliance®.  ​​​​
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Why is gratitude difficult and
why is it essential to happiness?

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