A few requests...
...sign up online  so that you do not arrive to find the class full.
...enter and exit the yoga space quietly as others may be in an important subconcious state of relaxation/meditation/integration
...bring your own mat and strap if possible. We have mats and straps available. However, we strongly recomend bringing your own or buying a mat and strap at BLY (together $10). This way you know your mat is as clean as you would like it. It also saves time and resources in cleaning each mat after use. (BLY does not make profit on mat/strap sales)

Class Types

Kaula - Harmonize.

Kaula - Balance.

Kaula - Bliss.

A relaxing yet invigorating series of asanas (postures) which, based on the science of prana (vital energy), optimizes all aspects of yourself. Integrated Pranayama or breathing practices give a complete health maintenance system. End with a guided Shavansana/meditation which integrates your mind-body and experience the blissful state of your true self. 
This series is recommended for all levels of yoga practitioners.
1hr, 1:15hr and 1:30hr durations
This series begins with the Viyayama series: Standing postures which prepare, align, coordinate and strengthen the framework of the body [bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles]. Then we flow through a shorter version of the Kaula - Harmonize series.
This series is recommended for all levels of yoga practitioners.
1:15hr and 1:30hr durations
   Please Note: This series should be done only after attending a Balance. or Harmonize. class.  
The Bliss series begins with 80 minutes of forward bending asanas (Konasana, Bhumikasana, Janushirshasana, etc.), focuses on the mid-body. Opening the hips, buttocks, lower back and stretching the long leg muscles benefits the connection between the lower and upper body. Opening allows increased circulation of Prana/Chi as well as increased fluid circulation (blood, lymph, digestive fluid). The most important aspect of this series is its focus on the subtle aspects of the energy system found in the pelvic region, the pelvic diaphragms. The forward bending series is combined with the Kaula - Harmonize series to create the Bliss series. During the final Shavasana practitioners find themselves in a deep state of Bliss.
We will take a few minutes break at the end of the forward bending series and allow others to join for the following Kaula - Harmonize series. 
3hr duration