Ayurvedic Partner Bodywork
Give and receive  easy to learn yet effective bodywork while saving yourself the considerable amount of money you'd pay a bodyworker.

According to Ayurveda, the body has over 70,000 nadis or energy channels running through it. When these channels have blockages in them, disease results.

This is similar to the notion of Chinese Acupuncture, except here those channels are called meridians. While in acupuncture needless are inserted to release the blockages and re-establish the flow of Chi, in this bodywork pressure is utilized to activate the channels to release the blockages.

We have had the great fortune to receive a wide variety of massages over the last twenty years from Deep Tissue to Rolfing, Swedish, Thai, Aston, Shiatsu, Watsu, etc, and we find this type of bodywork gives the greatest benefits in the long run as the more one does it, the more the blockages stay at bay, while it is considerably easier to learn than any of the above.
In an age of disconnect from our fellow human beings it is a safe and effective awareness practice for both practitioner and recipient in the giving and receiving of touch. In addition it is a warm up for the yoga practice that follows as it encourages blood flow all throughout the body and induces a state of relaxation for both giver and receiver. 

Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.